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Introduction of Shandong Zhongchang E-commerce Platform 

Zhongchuang Space, located in Zhongchang Building of Laizhou economic development zone of Shandong, is the first open space for maker in Laizhou launched by Shandong Zhongchang Group. It provides both open- and closed-ended offices for makers covering 60 million square meters. By means of Zhongchang e-commerce platform, talents specialized in capital operation, law and media, enterprise management, e-commerce will work together to solve problems met by makers while starting up a business. Meanwhile, by focusing on target local e-commerce maker, it will incubate related e-commerce, media, culture, science & technology and agricultural project and provide all-round service including basic office, project policy and fund joint to promote new business starting up.

Our mission is to create the most professional and excellent maker space locally and help those working in our space become the final winner in the intense market competitions with our best service!

Our vision: working together to create the brilliancy!

Our concept: we are in duty bound to meet makers’ demand and are liable for helping them to succeed!


Company Advantages

Our aims are as follows:

Smiling reception and sincere service for customers;

Improving efficiency of business processing;

Providing prompt reply to customers when needed;

Treating customers as our own friends;

Solving problems for one time to save trouble and time;

Making new customers to old by saving each penny for them.


Why do you select our company?

1 Our company owns Laizhou BBS which have a huge user population of over 0.2 million locally-this is our potential customers. Nowadays, with the growth of more and more Internet users, users of BBS have been growing rapidly. In other words, we possess endless customers. In that case, we can provide you a new sales channel and increase your sales.

2 Our company has its own on-line shop. As online shopping is getting more popular and our company is the first online comprehensive shop in Laizhou, we can obtain the updated information in the shortest time. Therefore, when you choose our company, we can display all products as required in the online shop and, by spreading your new arrivals or sales promotion to customers in no time, help improve popularity and gain big profits.

3 We have excellent planning team and have established cooperative relationship with villages, towns and communities. Beside, Zhongchang Group has owned 20 communities which have endowed it with sites and capitals for large-scale activities. When you choose our company, we make activity planning and organize offline promotion/propaganda activities as per your requirements. By cooperating with villages, towns and communities and making full use of residents, we will help you achieve success in promotion and advertising.

4 What’s more, Wechat official accounts and promotion accounts will be provided as required to meet customers’ demand for promotion and advertising.


Project planning

Changfeng Shop e-commerce platform for localized life service is designed according to current informatization management and future development planning. E-commerce platform project construction ideas include overall planning, implementation by steps and general planning which are adopted to carry out this project.


Step 1: constructing stores in communities.

Constructing off-line distribution storage service stores or franchised stores which mainly trade in daily necessaries in villages, towns and communities and setting up convenient & efficient logistics distribution system, which, by comparing with surrounding supermarkets, makes differential management with low cost and good service. Meanwhile, the off-line stores will be the foundation of on-line e-commerce platform and will provide powerful support for platform e-commerce strategy.

Step 2: constructing shopping-based e-commerce platform.

Internet is used to construct an e-commerce platform meeting owners’ demand for daily living so that they can go shopping or enjoy service such as installation and maintenance, express delivery, payment for water, electricity and gas as well as mobile phone recharge on that platform within the area covered by off-line stores.

Step 3: improving internal management system and integrate information of all enterprises.

To cope with all influence caused by electronic computerization high speed reaction, old management mechanism should be replaced with new enterprise marketing mode to eliminate its bottleneck effect on new economy; meanwhile, resources of all enterprises should be integrated to be used as informational resource and Internet application should be adopted to integrate and improve comprehensive electronic information solution.


Project Construction Goal

Informationization management is carried out for management procedures within the company:

1 Realization of the line under the line of goods online transactions.

2 Setting up complete logistics distribution system by adopting both online and offline ways;

3 Changing residents’ consumption habits and guiding their consumption behaviors through E-commerce;

4 Integrating resources in order to produce more commercial values by analyzing users’ consumption trends.

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