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Leaders of Provincial and City Association of Industry and Commerce Visiting Zhongchang
2016-05-24 16:12:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:131 Comment:0
     Zhongchang Group, on behalf of key enterprises in Laizhou, have the honor to do the reception work for the activity of “Welcome Shandong CPPCC and Association of Industry and Commerce to come to visit and guide” organized by Laizhou CPPCC and Laizhou Association of Industry and Commerce during China Roses Festival. 
     Under the instruction of CEO Zhou Zhongchang, the reception work has been carried out rapidly in the whole group. Vice-chairman of the 9th session of the national association of industry and commerce, Cheng Lu, vice-chairman of Shandong CPPCC and chairman of Shandong association of industry and commerce, Wang Naijing and other leaders, together with Laizhou leaders and senior leaders of Zhongchang Group, has visited production bases of the group, including Tianjia Tourism Ecology Garden, Laizhou Social Welfare Center, Installation BU, Building Materials BU, Construction BU, Real Estate BU, key engineering projects developed by the group such as Huading Mansion of Zhongchang, Langhu International Square and Laizhou Home of Citizens and finally Zhongchang Building where leaders took group photos and had a meeting.
     Leaders gave their affirmation to achievements gained by the group and, after inquiring about its current production as well as management condition, asked about the difficulties and responding measures. Thanks for their importance and concern, Zhongchang Group will keep moving forward.       

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