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Independent Apartment for the Aged-Emerging Mode of Old-age Real Estate
2016-05-18 15:26:00 Source: Author: 【Big Middle Small】 Browse:467 Comment:0
     As population in China is aging faster and faster and social provision for the aged is getting more serious, severe challenge has been posted to the traditional way of family support for the elderly. Due to the generational structure of 4:2:1 and severe geographically mobile population, family support for the elderly has played a less important role which can’t cope with the more and more severe social provision situation any more while social pension system becomes a trend. Under such circumstances, Shandong Zhongchang Group has introduced new project of old-age real estate-independent apartment for the aged.
     Zhongchang Group has been engaged in the development of new old-age real estate and tried to show its various functions. Laizhou Social Welfare Center, which was built by Zhongchang group with a total investment of 0.7 billion yuan, is consisted of 2 projects. The first-stage project has been completed and put use while the second-stage  project of “Laizhou Elderly Welfare Centre” has introduced new mode of provision for the aged and new idea of “independent apartment for the aged”.
     It is known that the “independent apartment for the aged” introduced by Zhongchang Group, mainly aimed at the aged that can or basically can look after themselves in their daily life, has adopted the mode of home-based care for the aged plus social service, self-care and community assistance which gives full play to the independence and motility of the aged. The functions and advantages are as follows. Firstly,with the unit area ranged 40 square meters (without bedroom) to 170 square meters (with 4 bedrooms), the aged can live alone or with their children, which can both avoid conflict and easy for the young to take care of the aged. Secondly, there are open business street between independent apartments for the aged and service apartment for the aged, which provides service such as laundry, hairdressing, shopping and so on as well as underground passage for the elderly people to go through safely so that they can fully enjoy various services offered by the community center such as university for the elderly, medical health recovery center, shopping, accommodation, entertainment, etc. Thirdly, the design of the whole community has united the departments for the elderly with low density, the healthy-life square as well as the commercial supporting together with river system and gardens together, providing space for outdoor activities and communication of the aged.     
     Besides, Zhongchang Group will invest more in the building design and construction to provide better and more standard supporting and safeguard for the “independent apartment for the aged”. The medical recovery center, university and service center for the elderly of the project will be equipped with special and ancillary facilities as well as outdoor environment space, so more detailed and higher requirements have been proposed and higher construction level have been required. 
     By following up the idea of “home-based care for the aged”, old people don’t say no to community support for the elderly any more. The independent apartments for the aged have provided new way for the problem of supporting old people.It is estimated that,after use, the project will not only effectively relieve the social provision for the aged in Laizhou but also greatly satisfy the demand of the aged for daily life, nursing and bailout, which will improve the old-age care business around Laizhou city.
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